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               Established in 1994, CLPM is a fully licensed and registered Western Australian building and construction company that has completed a large number of projects in both the Perth metropolitan area and throughout regional WA.  We specialise in Heritage Restoration and the Construction of commercial and public buildings that demand higher levels in specificity of end use or artistic expression.  Our experienced supervisors, directly employed skilled labour & specialised plant create the capacity, skillsets and knowledge to service specialist content in new works, refurbishment, structural repair or significant structural modifications.   

  1. Restored!! With heritage fabric in situ….. 😜
    #clpm #heritagerestoration #specialconstruction

  2. Heritage toilet roll 👍👍
    #clpm #heritagerestoration #specialconstruction

  3. Melbourne Cup lunch for the CLPM team on site in Peppermint Grove, while watching the race. #team #clpm #heritagerestoration #specialconstruction

  4. Quality craftsmanship from our in house carpenters. #clpm #heritagerestoration #specialconstruction

  5. Another great job finished for The University of Notre Dame in Fremantle. Final touches by one of our great subcontractors! @mccarthys_painting #clpm #heritagerestoration #specialconstruction (at Fremantle, Western Australia)

  6. From template to fully built chimney! Plaster moulding, custom template to match existing and professionally crafted in house. #clpm #heritagerestoration #specialconstruction (at Perth, Western Australia)

  7. What a spectacular view atop the scaffold at the Redemptorist Monastery on Vincent Street, North Perth. Roof restoration works are underway after installation of a full scaffold and roof safety system, as being used by one of our skilled tradesmen in this shot. #clpm #heritagerestoration #specialconstruction @slavinarch

  8. The Old Mill in South Perth isn’t quite so recognisable without its spars and sails. You may have seen our signage while heading south over the Narrows Bridge? We’re mid way through restoration and so proud to be carrying out these works for the City of South Perth on such an iconic piece of Perth history. #clpm #heritagerestoration #specialconstruction @cityofsouthperth

  9. With the WA Museum due to open very soon, here’s a view to enjoy from our perfectly restored double hung and casement windows… all 54 of them, just on this one elevation!! #clpm #heritagerestoration #specialconstruction

  10. We love it when our subcontractors get excited about the awesome projects they work on for us!! @janissenelectrics #clpm #heritagerestoration #specialconstruction

  11. Works at the beautiful Woodbridge building in Guildford for the National Trust are nearing completion. How awesome are the new urns atop the portico and tower parapets!! @nationaltrustwa #clpm #heritagerestoration #specialconstruction

  12. All CLPM staff recently completed a First Attack Fire Extinguisher Training workshop held at our offices by Terry from eFire & Safety. It was a very informative session with everyone gaining the knowledge of which extinguishers for which situations, complete with hands on use of a fire extinguisher on a fire. Highly recommend!! @efireandsafety #clpm #heritagerestoration #specialconstruction

  13. A pictorial story showing the recent restoration of this old tank stand as part of the works carried out at Miller’s Bakehouse Museum in Palmyra, for the City of Melville. #clpm #heritagerestoration #specialconstruction @melvillecity

  14. Definitely a great photo! Thanks for the tag.

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    Toodyay, Western Australia

    SITE | A happy snap from our site visit to the Newcastle Gaol yesterday morning. Stay tuned for more updates!

  15. Master & Apprentice!! Roof carpentry works at Miller’s Bakehouse in Palmyra for the City of Melville. #clpm #heritagerestoration #specialconstruction

  16. Awesome before and after of this very worn chimney at the former Exchange Hotel in Pinjarra. It’s amazing what a bit of TLC can achieve!! #clpm #heritagerestoration #specialconstruction #shireofmurray

  17. Restoration works have commenced at the Busselton Museum in the Old Butter Factory, which sustained substantial fire damage. We’ve certainly got our work cut out for us here! #clpm #heritagerestoration #specialconstruction

  18. Did you know we stock Singleton Birch Natural Hydraulic Lime? When working with heritage buildings, it’s important to use products where possible, that are as close to what was used during the original construction. Natural Hydraulic Lime, or NHL, is one such product that was normally used. For further information, refer to our website -
    #clpm #heritagerestoration #specialconstruction #singletonbirch #naturalhydrauliclime

  19. A before, during and after look at some of the roof upgrades at the former Exchange Hotel in Pinjarra. #clpm #heritagerestoration #specialconstruction

  20. The life of a tradie!!! We can’t reveal anything about The New Museum project in Perth, other than to say it’s been keeping us awfully busy! 😁 #clpm #heritagerestoration #specialconstruction