CLPM was introduced to property owner, Kerry Hill of Kerry Hill Architects, owner of this historic building in Fremantle. He advised that the property was becoming dangerous to the public. The parapet walls with their elaborate motifs were falling to the ground and various options to save the façade were reviewed. The street was closed due to the extent of leaning of the parapet walls.

After engineers assessed the building, it was required that the parapets be rebuilt from the top level windows up. The roof was also in poor condition & required replacing.

Architect: Kelsall Binet.


Restoration of heritage façade. Re-roofing and structural alterations.

Project value: $400,000
Completed: December 2010


The extensive erosion & damage to the motifs from the years of spalling & parapet movement rendered the original stucco render detail unsalvageable. However, CLPM was able to replicate and reproduce the original motif by hand carving sandstone with terrific results.

The client was very pleased and a further stage of additions & internal refurbishment were subsequently carried out for the client.