Midland Redevelopment Authority engaged CLPM after a Stage 1 and Stage 2 tender process. The second stage required a complete audit of business capacity & systems to ensure the contractor had the ability to tackle the job. Safety was high on the criteria list. This was to be managed by a separate consultant, (Shawmac), to protect the client’s liability in regards to the onerous nature of the works. Falls from heights & asbestos contamination were the prevalent concerns.

Architect: Palassis


  1. Re-roofing of over 20,000m2 asbestos & cast iron drainage. (Roof height 15m+)
    Pin & re-build major brick openings.
    Construction of new Pattern shop
    Class one demolition required

Projects value: $9.3 million
Completed: February 2009


After rigorous planning and audits from internal & external sources, the job was completed & certified safe of asbestos contamination.

After all the stringent safety measures put in place, the system was tested by a single fall. The fall arrest line upheld as did the harness & lanyard. The rescue plan was actioned and the worker brought down safely in a short time. The safety system had proved its merits.

No other major worker accidents were reported.