The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) commissioned the “Elizabeth Quay Diamond” food and beverage outlet designed by Iredale Pederson Hook Architects for Perth’s iconic Elizabeth Quay precinct. The design was created to accommodate the unique operating requirements of the incoming tenant, “Gusto Gelato” whilst focussing on aesthetic architectural design values to express the spirit of our time.


The steel substructure was precision manufactured and pre-erected off-site prior to transport to Elizabeth Quay. CLPM undertook ground works and service access works before lowering the substructure into place and suspending the central steel plant deck. With fine tolerances requiring 3-D in situ digital survey, custom laminated glass panels with ceramic printed graphic interlay were manufactured and fitted to an aluminium frame forming the weather proof exterior. Further computer 3-D modelling was then required to produce decorative aluminium over-screens that were custom perforated, curved and anodised to adorn the building’s corner sections and over-canopy.

Project value: $1,750,000
Completed:   April 2016


A technical accomplishment, the project which honoured architectural design values has been nominated for a number of prestigious design awards in 2016 and is being presented as a unique case study to Perth Architecture students. Internally lit and glowing in the evening, the “Diamond” is the jewel in the crown of the Elizabeth Quay precinct and set to become a Perth icon for locals and visitors alike.